Scuderia cameron glickenhaus SCG003S supercar set for geneva motor show

american sports car manufacturer scuderia cameron glickenhaus reveals images of its first production vehicle, the ‘SCG003S’, which will be launched at this year’s geneva motor show. the supercar is a direct descendant of the ‘SCG003C’ race car, which won its class at the world-famous nürburgring 24 hour race in 2015: renowned as the toughest endurance race in the world, held on the epic nordschleife circuit in germany.

Cao hui's dissected classical sculptures turn solid stone into fleshy forms

chinese artist cao hui has a fascination with anatomy, creating sculptural objects that offer dissected views into the inner workings of figurative and functional forms. designboom previously featured hui’s collection of domestic and personal items — such as upholstered armchairs, suitcases, jackets and gloves — rendered with hyper-realistically sculpted flesh. similarly, hui’s series of dissected classical sculptures offers a surreal and surprising peek inside the ‘bodies’ of some of the best known statues from history.

Field office elevates corten dwelling next to mount macedon, australia

Due to the nature of the long and narrow site with the irregular terrain, architects chris barnes and nick crawford of field office decided to elevate the structure in order for it to be fully immersed amongst the surrounding vegetation. additionally, it was important to the client that the site would not be over-excavated, but rather emerge gently out of the existing landscape. the copper-toned exterior uses a bespoke corten paneling that is wrapped around the dwelling.

COR roc wraps users in a cozy, modern armchair interpretation

cozy environments with highlights of leather and contrasting colors are the key components of COR’s presentation at the 2017 imm cologne furniture fair. none more so than the ‘roc’ armchair – an adaptation of the highly distinctive original chair made in 2015. created by german designer uwe fischer, it is a modern interpretation of an armchair, featuring a generous shape that conveys a sense of security, but with a less ample size.

Harvard builds cross-functional metamaterial that could reinvent prototyping for designers

Researchers at the harvard SEAS have found a way to design reconfigurable metamaterials—that’s smart materials with more that one function, which can interchange between their different properties. metamaterials are materials whose function is determined by structure, not composition. existing metamaterials have been designed to transform from soft to stiff, bend light and sounds, and even damped seismic waves from earthquakes. however, each of these functions requires a unique mechanical structure, making such metamaterials great for a specific task, but difficult to use broadly.

Top 100 Giants 2017: A Particularly Meaningful Project Was...

“A culinary teaching restaurant in Siem Reap, Cambodia, for EGBOK, a nonprofit that trains the underprivileged to be the country’s future hospitality leaders.”

“Working with Design 4 Others, which brings medicine to needy, remote communities worldwide, we completed the Optimize Health Clinic in Raghogarh, India. In addition to providing health care, the clinic functions as a village center, so we included murals by local artists inside and out, fostering a sense of pride.”