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LTG lofts to go develops coodo, a mobile living unit for any setting

The desire for freedom, individuality and connection to the natural environment is universal. but while we live in a mobile world, we reside in immobile homes. by creating coodo, german company LTG lofts to go has introduced a flexible, mobile and smart habitable unit that can be placed and enjoyed pretty much anywhere. with its retro-futuristic qualities, this transportable architecture can be set in an urban environment, on a roof, in forests or even mountains. in particular, properties with hard-to-get building permits become coodo-relevant since wheels are offered as an add-on to the design — which completely unbinds owners to the land.

the coodo vision allows for an open and generous living-experience that seamlessly connects the safety of the living space with the natural environment surrounding it. with its floor-to-ceiling glazing, users are exposed to a limitless number of landscape sceneries. depending on the users, the mobile unit can serve for a number of possibilities: living space, business meeting room, garden lounge, show room or a weekend residence. some examples include a coodo 36 pergola installed in switzerland as a retreat for staff members of the national air traffic control skyguide, coodo 64 built as a private residence near bielefeld in germany, and coodo 24 showroom for milan-based company impresa rusconi.