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Field office elevates corten dwelling next to mount macedon, australia

Due to the nature of the long and narrow site with the irregular terrain, architects chris barnes and nick crawford of field office decided to elevate the structure in order for it to be fully immersed amongst the surrounding vegetation. additionally, it was important to the client that the site would not be over-excavated, but rather emerge gently out of the existing landscape. the copper-toned exterior uses a bespoke corten paneling that is wrapped around the dwelling. a nod to the providing the required bushfire screening to glazing, and the ability to be opened and closed as needed.

on the inside, the elongated floorplan is composed of discrete sleeping and study spaces which have been organized towards the rear of the dwelling, allowing for the living and social spaces to be more transparent and exposed until finally opening out towards the north and north-east elevations. furthermore, screening along the east provides some visual privacy from the neighboring properties whilst not compromising any of the views or natural light. coupled with a spacious balcony located at the end of the dwelling, the residents can go upstairs to the rooftop deck.