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Easy like sunday morning custom motorcycle by urban motor

the ‘easy like sunday morning’ custom motorcycle is an unusual, yet elegant interpretation of the contemporary road bike. berlin-based urban motor built for their entry into the glemseck 101 race in leonberg; germany’s largest open-air celebration of all things on two wheels, plus a meeting point for international designers, builders, developers, and their motorbikes. the race brings some of the finest custom bikes in the world, and urban motor’s ‘easy like sunday morning’ custom enters this catagory with ease, while making a statement.

based upon a two-cylinder engine from a 1964 jawa ‘350’, urban motor decided to scrap everything but the powerplant, before building a whole new chassis from steel tubing. its alloy bodywork was crafted in collaboration with marvin diehl of krt, who also created its unique handlebars with integrated front suspension design, hidden behind the graceful alloy silhouette.