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1860's loft building reimagined as a biophilic + passive edifice in tribeca, NY

located in the heart of tribeca, manhattan, 6o white street marries high-end design and craftsmanship with an extensensive architectural preservation and environmentally conscious construction. the developer of this reimagined 1869 building – with a collection of eight residential lofts – is the sorgente group of america. with careful selection of materials and interior design, all the character and history of a landmark edifice are preserved and celebrated while creating a refreshing contemporary loft experience.

one notable characteristic that the sorgente group of america has envisioned for the 60 white lofts is its ‘passive house’ qualities, in which colorado-based zola windows and NY bostudio architecture have played a crucial role. working hand-in-hand, the team transforms the building into a structurally precise, low-energy and high-performance design. on one side, a brand new class of windows is developed — pushing the technological boundaries while still replicating an appropriate look for a 146-year-old edifice. spanning three panes, zola’s american heritage SDH (simulated double hung) window are highly airtight to help create a well-insulated, draft-free building envelope akin to a thermos bottle.