The tigermoth camper trailer is made for off-the-grid living

the ‘tigermoth’ camping trailer is a versatile mobile home that makes living off-the-grid a reality. its robust and lightweight structure enables the camper to be towed by most 4×4 vehicles: with a dry weight of 900 lbs, it can be towed to most remote locations. according to the american-manufacturer this camper trailer lets people live out in the open for, ‘seven+ days’, while packing more handy survival features than a swiss-army knife

1860's loft building reimagined as a biophilic + passive edifice in tribeca, NY

located in the heart of tribeca, manhattan, 6o white street marries high-end design and craftsmanship with an extensensive architectural preservation and environmentally conscious construction. the developer of this reimagined 1869 building – with a collection of eight residential lofts – is the sorgente group of america. with careful selection of materials and interior design, all the character and history of a landmark edifice are preserved and celebrated while creating a refreshing contemporary loft experience.

Pilippe starck to develop YOO quito, a residential tower in ecuador

YOO, a residential and hotel design company founded by designer philippe starck and john hitchcox proposes their residential tower ‘YOO quito’; poised to be the tallest tower in the ecuadorian capital. the avant-garde project is part of a larger masterplan of transforming the architectural landscape of quito since the construction of a new and improved transportation system.

LTG lofts to go develops coodo, a mobile living unit for any setting

The desire for freedom, individuality and connection to the natural environment is universal. but while we live in a mobile world, we reside in immobile homes. by creating coodo, german company LTG lofts to go has introduced a flexible, mobile and smart habitable unit that can be placed and enjoyed pretty much anywhere. with its retro-futuristic qualities, this transportable architecture can be set in an urban environment, on a roof, in forests or even mountains.

Apple park, aka campus 2, readies for april opening

has announced that its new 175 acre campus, designed in collaboration with foster + partners, will be ready for employees to begin occupying in april 2017. the tech giant also revealed that the headquarters will be officially be named ‘apple park’. the process of moving more than 12,000 people will take over six months, while construction of the buildings and parklands is scheduled to continue through the summer.

Wu tang clan retreat by squirtstudio embodies the samurai spirit

retreat is composed of traditional rooms: genkan (entry), ima (living room), daidokoro (kitchen) and yokushitsu (bathroom). in addition, it is constructed out of wood according to ancestral methods and complex woodworking. the only contemporary features are the recording studio equipment seen alongside chess boards and antique objects. the long footpath necessary to reach the refuge of the house plunges the visitor into another era, losing all the bars on their cell phone as they go along — saying farewell to the connected world and ‘welcome’ to the one of martial arts.

Lazareth back to the future yamaha YZF R1 custom motorcycle

dubbed ‘back to the future’, this custom motorcycle depicts the future of bike brand, yamaha. frenchman ludovic lazareth and his studio are no strangers to creating insane-looking vehicle’s, such as the bike built around a maserati V8 engine, or the car fused with a motorcycle. the french designer has now modified a 1999 yamaha ‘YZF R1′ motorcycle into this extroverted café racer.

Easy like sunday morning custom motorcycle by urban motor

the ‘easy like sunday morning’ custom motorcycle is an unusual, yet elegant interpretation of the contemporary road bike. berlin-based urban motor built for their entry into the glemseck 101 race in leonberg; germany’s largest open-air celebration of all things on two wheels, plus a meeting point for international designers, builders, developers, and their motorbikes. the race brings some of the finest custom bikes in the world, and urban motor’s ‘easy like sunday morning’ custom enters this catagory with ease, while making a statement.

OMA/AMO's domestic interiors stage prada's F/W fashion show in milan

fashion is about the everyday, and the everyday is the political stage of our freedoms,’ says prada. for its women’s fall/winter 2017 fashion show, the italian luxury fashion house has again collaborated with AMO — OMA’s research and design branch. the scheme adds to the concentrically organized set originally designed for men’s fashion week in january. prada explains that the design considers ‘the role that women have in shaping modern society, their political participation and social achievements.’